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Hi Reizer!

Do you know what makes our company stand out? We thrive by embracing change. We want you to take control of your career by constantly improving and growing no matter which team you are in.

Unlock your potential as you surround yourself with the great people of REIZ TECH.

Refer a Talent program

We value strong networks & personal recommendations. Join Reiz Tech's Refer a Talent program, earn up to 1500 Euros, and make a lasting impact in the IT industry with your valuable referrals.

How does it work?

Spread the word

Share exciting opportunities with your network. Know or found someone with the right skills? Encourage them to apply.

Submit a referral

Submit potential candidate details through our referral portal, including name and contact information.

Evaluation process

Our team will review referrals. If the candidate meets requirements and progresses, you'll be eligible for a reward.

Quick Links

Change a Project

Let there be change! Your career is about what you want to be and who you want to be. Express your desire to try new opportunities.

Reizer Ethical Guidebook

The purpose of this ethical guidebook is to become a more human-centric, ethically resilient, innovative, and culturally authentic organisation.

Hiring at REIZ? Know the ins and outs of the recruitment process

When you are part of the Reiz internal hiring team, it's important to know the overall hiring process. Follow this link and learn about the team, the hiring stages, procedures, and F.A.Q.

Reiz Above and Beyond!

Start leadership from yourself.

Accept and provide feedback.

Learn and share knowledge.

Avoid harm.

Accept and respect diversity and inclusion.

Honour confidentiality.

Be honest and trustworthy.

Strive to achieve high quality.

Know and respect existing rules.

Be a Reiz ambassador.

Share the moment!

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