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Push your career further with Reiz Academy.

Whether you are a beginner or someone who is looking to specialize in your respective field, Reiz Academy can help you unlock the future and be the expert in the career that you have chosen. Enroll in one of our learning programmes today.

Upcoming bootcamps

Scrum Master Bootcamp

Join us as we kick off yet another exciting edition of Scrum Master Academy, starting on September 19th, 2023

Discover the latest techniques, tools, and best practices in agile project management, and gain the expertise to lead successful projects confidently. 

And the best part? It’s free! Also, you will get a certificate upon the successful completion of the academy. 

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Quality Analyst Bootcamp

Coming 2023

PowerApps Bootcamp

Coming 2023

Business Analyst Bootcamp

Coming 2023

DevOps Bootcamp

Coming 2023

About bootcamps


Be equipped to implement DevOps practices and tools, improve software delivery speed and quality, and collaborate effectively with development and operations teams.

Business Analyst

Deepen your knowledge and specialise in the role of Business Analysts at Reiz University. Our Business Analyst Bootcamp  will introduce you to key business analysis concepts in order to promote your business analytics career. 

Scrum Master

Learn how to coordinate your team and be the master of delivering great projects. Our Scrum Master Bootcamp will teach you how lead your own team sprints and be a master of productivity. 

Quality Analyst

Beyond learning how to code, deepen your knowledge in making sure apps are always functional. Our Quality Assurance Bootcamp will help you learn key techniques to help you spot bugs, glitches and more. 

PowerApps Expert

Become an absolute expert in PowerApps, add proficiency to your skillset, learn to create well-designed business applications suited for users and acquire knowledge needed for you to grow in your career!

"Taking this course was one of my best decisions."

Evenika Mandrijauskė, QA Academy Participant

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"The lecturers know their work very well and love their jobs."

Rosita Sadauskaitė, BA Academy Participant

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